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Portsmouth Plasterer, is the plastering and painting arm of Pompey Plumb Ltd, a plumbing and property maintenance company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Portsmouth Plasterer are the ones to call for all of your plastering, rendering, damp proofing and painting needs. We will handle every part of the job, from the removing of the spent surface, the preparation and treatment of the base surface, applying the base-coat and plaster, to painting and decorating the finished surface. With many contacts in the property maintenance industry, you can be sure that even the most unexpected of issues will be dealt with properly by experienced professionals.

We only use experienced and skilled plastering and painting professionals. These tradesman have a proven track record for providing constant quality work, to the standards expected from a professional that has worked in the industry for many years.

Pompey Plumb Ltd is a new company, incorporated in 2019. We believe the key to building a good customer base, is to provide a quality and friendly service, at a fair price. With this premise, we believe that a happy customer is far more valuable than a flashy ad campaign. Saying that, Portsmouth Plasterer is a trading name of Pompey Plumb Ltd and was created to generate work for our skilled plaster and painter.



Stains can occur for various reasons, these include but are not limited to, water damage, nicotine, condensation/mould, sun bleaching, animals and grime. Most of the time these could be wiped off, however, on some occasions these stains may need a stain blocking paint, on other occasions it may mean a leak or something else needs rectifying. Whatever the problem Portsmouth Plasterers will have the solution.

Painting Wallpaper

Most wall paper is okay to paint over, however, there are some wallpapers that normal paint may not adhere to, such as some vinyl wallpapers. It is a good idea to always test a section with the paint you intend to use and see if it comes off after it has dried.


May homes have mould, mould and mildew can occur for various reasons,. These include, lack of airflow, humidity, hot and cold differences, damp from blocked cavities and bacteria on surfaces. These types of mould can largely be mitigated by opening widows/creating airflow and cleaning. Paints and silicones that are resistant to mould can also be purchased. However, on the unlucky occasion it is more serious, you may need damp work or building work, such as clearing wall cavities.


This form of material is often found in older houses and is not usually applied any more. In some cases asbestos was used, making it potentially hazardous when removed. This is why it is much safer to cover/over board it. We do offer free asbestos testing (see link:other services) , in the case that it is safe, then it can be scraped back/removed and then skimmed.

Blown Plaster

This usually happens because the base the product has been spent, disturbed, applied incorrectly or water damaged. Is some cases you may not need to worry to much, however, with large areas of blown plaster you may not have the support you need for things like a radiator , shelves or cupboards. Ultimately, in the severe cases the old plaster and base material will need removing and new render/damp proofing and plaster being applied.


Cracks can appear for various reasons, one of the most common causes of hairline cracks is the finished plaster being applied to a poor background. A background with multiple materials is a common place to receive cracks on the finished plaster, in this case a fibre mesh is used to ensure the plaster is held together and does not crack. Other cracks can happen for more serious reasons, such as structural, in any case Portsmouth Plasterers can asses the situation and apply the correct solution.

Free Asbestos Testing*

We provide an asbestos testing service, which if you accept our quote (over £600) will be completely free, otherwise will only cost only £60 for 4 test samples. In many cases it may not be necessary but it is better to be safe than sorry.


Does your property feel like it's crumbling, with blown and cracked plaster? Well we use only the most skilled plasterers, that are capable of leaving your walls solid, flat and looking as good as new.

Please call or email to arrange a free quotation.



What better way to start the new season than with a fresh coat of paint. Weather it's preparing for a new arrival, freshening up the front of the house or any other painting problem, we have you covered. We use only the most skilled and compliant painters, they will have your property looking band new.

Please call or email to arrange a free quotation.


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